Communal Setting Acupuncture

The Healing Compass Mission


Healing Compass is dedicated to helping people live healthy lives with natural, safe, effective healthcare.


We offer  Eastern functional medicine as primary care or as a complement to Western care. 


With this in mind we have created an option for receiving acupuncture and a menu of add-ons in a group setting 

as an alternative to functional health visits, which we provide in a private room setting. 




Communal Setting Acupuncture 

Perfect for those seeking:


* Relief from Pain


* Increased energy 


* Improved stamina


* Faster recovery from workouts, injury    or illness


* Enhanced performance


* Stress management


* Reduction of side effects from other 


* Cosmetic facial acupuncture quick lift


* Optional Add-ons:
   10 min. bodywork
   10 min. cupping
   (schedule in advance)


New to acupuncture? 
Group setting acupuncture is a great way to try it out before utilizing our other services.


New to cupping? Olympic Athletes utilize cupping to relieve pain & soreness. 


Acupuncture Studio Etiquette


Please wear loose comfortable clothing that can be rolled up over knees and elbows. Avoid wearing strong perfumes or arriving on an empty stomach. 


Treatments Offered in the Studio


* An initial consultation is required for  all new patients prior to treatment 


Acupuncture only - communal setting 45 min.

Cosmetic Acupuncture - group setting 1 hr.


Bodywork, cupping or moxabustion 10 min.
(Add-ons must be scheduled in advance)