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"I just decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore, or ever again. So I changed. Just like that."

Linda has become my #1 weapon against my war on headaches and GI issues,,, all without drugs and painkillers!

- Adam J 

"Years ago, I was skeptical about acupuncture.  I have honestly found that Healing  Compass & Qi Center, has helped with numerous issues such as infertility.  It truly helped me conceive my twins."

- KB

" I consider my treatments to be a form of long-term life insurance. Every treatment is a contribution to my well-being for years to come".  

- Jill Levin

"Viveka and Linda have created a true haven of serenity and healing in their Wellness Center. You can't find a more caring and tranquil environment in which to heal or just de-stress. I highly recommend it."

- Emily

What a beautiful and calming place. Linda and Missy are just incredible.  I was an acupuncture virgin when I walked in, very intimidated by the thought of needles all over my body like a horror movie. But it's exactly the opposite, Linda made sure I was very informed and spent as much time as we needed before the treatment started. I am seeing her for help with fertility, just 2 visits in and I am so confident and excited for my journey.  I'd highly recommend any acupuncture virgins who might be a little hesitant to see these women. After your comforting, serene session, you're greeted with yummy hot tea and some fresh snacks (I'm over the moon for the orange with cinnamon) what gets better than that!  So grateful to have come across this place. Client for life.

- Serenity

"After many years of receiving acupuncture treatments (about 20 years) I met Linda Read-Shelby L.Ac.. Through treatments with Linda I became aware of what acupuncture is truly supposed to be. Instead of just laying back and receiving treatments, Linda truly involves me in my healing process. She has wonderfully treated me through allergies, colds, a very severe car accident (I suffered serious head, neck, and back injuries), pain management (because of the car accident), and chronic eye inflammation (which could have resulted in sight loss if not for her amazing treatments). The difference I experiences with Linda is that she includes me in the healing process. She thoroughly educates me each step of the way. I feel that we are partners in my health care. I feel fully empowered and I am very grateful for her professionalism, and her passion for healing." 

-Wendi-Hidden Hills

Linda and Viveka have the most wonderful business in Woodland Hills. I've been a client of Linda's for many years and I've referred many friends and family in to get their issues addressed by The Healing Compass through acupuncture and other wellness activities and information. Most of those people are now regular clients.
My spouse refers to his visits here as getting a "Chi-Up".. (in the same way we may go to western medicine doctors to get a check-up...) They don't take insurance but even without that, the rates are reasonable. I've seen very expensive acupuncturists whose treatments were no better. I've had migraines and hormonal issues but Linda's treatments have eased them away so they don't interfere with my activities and quality of life. Yay!
Don't wait too long to get your chi-up!

- Sally

Linda is a kind, compassionate, and caring person who truly cares wbout your well-being and health. She's been bugging me for months, and I finally took the natural supplements regularly like she prescribed. I had pre-diabetes, and borderline high cholesterol. She was able to bring down my sugar levels to normal levels and my cholesterol from 203 to 184 in less than a year. I've lost weight and feel healthier. There are absolutely no side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs that are dispensed like candy at the doctor's office. Linda and Viveka at Healing Compass Natural Health Center are amazing. Come visit this relaxing place.

- Pam

Linda and Viveka are incredibly dedicated to providing their patients with a healthy life. I've been a patient for many years. Unlike western medicine, they look for the root causes of your health problems, and work at completely healing the person. They've treated my health problems with a variety of treatments, always looking for eventual permanent solutions, and not pills to just mask the problem. If you've never tried alternative medicine, or you've gone to many practitioners, you'll be thrilled with them. And their new office in Calabasas is really great, too.

- George

Linda had treated me for various health issues over the many years I have been a patient and, with her assistance, all of the issues have been resolved.  More importantly, with Linda’s help I have enhanced my approach to wellness. Linda is truly a gifted acupuncturist.  She knows my body so well that I don’t even have to tell her if something is bothering me-she can just tell.  It is truly remarkable.  You owe it to yourself to schedule a visit with Linda.

- Jerry S

Seeking acupuncture for treatment was the perfect solution for me.  My goal was to get my blood pressure to a normal level, while avoiding prescription drugs.  I was able to reach this goal, while enjoying the treatment and the entire experience.Linda provides a warm, safe and caring environment that immediately puts you at ease.  The treatments are relaxing, the herbs are easy to take and the entire routine is a pleasure.  I look forward to my visits and I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking alternatives to our “traditional” treatments.

- Katrina W

I came to the Healing Compass as a skeptic. How could acupuncture help me with my ongoing infertility, when doctors and their medical treatments hadn't? Imagine my surprise and elation when after six weeks of treatment with Linda , I discovered I was pregnant. Now, I'm a believer, and think I'm healthier overall due to acupunture. I am so grateful to be under the care of such a skillful and compassionate practitoner at a first class wellness center.

-Meagan B

Healing Compass has become one of my favorite "me" time place.  The calm, serene, and welcoming environment is just what one needs with our hectic, busy lives.  Linda is an amazing acupuncturist, always putting me back together at the end of the week. I simply love my time spent here.

- Georgia

"The Healing Compass Acupuncture Wellness Clinic and The Qi Center is an oasis in Woodland Hills. Once you walk in the door the transformation begins. The space is serene and beautiful and Linda and Viveka exude genuine healing energy. Everyone is treated in a way that honors their body, mind and spirit. It would be nearly impossible not to feel better after taking one of their classes or getting a treatment there".


"I have been a client of Linda's for one year. She is my acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, therapist, and friend all rolled into one. She is very knowledgeable about infertility. Most importantly she is caring and compassionate. On the days that I have an appointment, it's my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. I always feel better after my time with Linda".

-Yvette-baby Colton

“Thank you so much for your participation in this miracle. I couldn’t have done it with out you”

-Jill and baby Daniel-Woodland Hills

“Ms. Shelby’s compassion and concern for her patients coupled with her high degree of professionalism enable her to provide excellent health care for her patients” 


I have been getting facials from Viveka for three years! My skin has never looked more BeautifuI! I plan on having her keep me Youthful for as long as she is in business! 

- Sally

I have been seeing Viveka for almost 4 years now. She has helped me through my various health issues (weight, hips, type 2 diabetes) with much success plus she is compassionate and truly wants to help you with whatever your needs are. Her talents are many and I highly recommend her and her practice to anyone.

- Janet

Viveka is wonderful, she takes your whole being into consideration for her healing modalities, your physical, emotional, spiritual and life style. I have been seeing her for over a year and she keeps me, my digestion, and my tired old neck going. I have referred a few people to her and will continue to. Bless you Viveka!

- Karen

I can't say enough about Dr. Linda Read-Shelby. I started seeing her for infertility and acid reflux. After nearly a year of trying to conceive, I felt I needed a little help and on the first cycle with her, Dr. Linda made it happen! (I don't think it typically happens that fast, so please don't have that expectation for yourself.) In addition to the acupuncture, she also worked with me on my nutrition and gave me a supplement regimen. Her sessions have truly been valuable during these past few months and I have enjoyed her sessions more than I ever thought I would. Dr. Linda deserves all 5 out of 5 stars from me!


“I love the courtyard, the receiving room, and the treatment room, all very serene and healing. I experience fatigue due to chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic prolapse. Viveka’s professional manner and amazing knowledge provide comfort and hope.”

– Laura Larsen

Viveka Rucker is a gifted healer, dedicated to the study and application of chi energy and holistic treatments. She and her colleagues at Healing Compass having always gone the extra mile for me, seeking and finding answers to my condition when my medical doctors were baffled. The Healing Compass office is an oasis of calm and soothing energy, and it's location is very convenient. Highly recommended.

- Lou

"Viveka, you are a tremendous source of information and support for my mom and me, and you are my highest priority for her care. You give us so much of your time, energy, and knowledge, and your services to us are a tremendous value I recognize and treasure. You provide us with tools, results and . . . hope! Thank you for all you do!"

-Pat V.

"Having suffered with plantar fasciitis on and off since 2003 and finding no relief despite several sets of custom orthotics, foot massages, stretching exercises, icing heel/foot, wearing a dorsal night splint to bed and never going bare foot, I finally achieved success with acupuncture.  Considering the number of years I suffered from plantar fasciitis, it was remarkable how rapidly my heel improved with acupuncture treatments.  I am happy to be back to fun exercise such as Jazzercise, Zumba Gold and bike riding without pain.  Thank you Viveka and thank you acupuncture."

- B.Kaufman

“I have been treated by Viveka for a variety of medical issues. From colds, back pain, and toothaches, to headaches, and although embarrassing to mention, hemorrhoids. I am always amazed at her ability to use acupuncture, herbs, diet, and when I comply, exercise to quickly get me back in alignment and healing faster than I have ever experienced otherwise. Since her treatment many years ago my hemorrhoid problem has all but disappeared. I cannot recommend her more highly as I see her as a true healer. I feel that her abilities even out-weigh, the modalities she was traditionally schooled in. She brings more to healing than any practitioner I have ever worked with.”

- Thomas

"I have been receiving treatment from Viveka Rucker, L.Ac, on and off for over 7 years for a variety of health concerns.  I have to tell you, Viveka is a true healer!  She has successfully treated my gastritis, has shortened all of my common cold episodes, relieved my hay fever, relieved my hemorrhoid discomfort, and significantly reduced my arthritis pain, among many other conditions.  As a visiting nurse, I can't be sick and go to work.  Now I have an arsenal of herbs in my kitchen cabinet and all I have to do is call Viveka with my symptoms and she tells me what to take, and It Works!  I can't speak highly enough of Viveka and her acupuncture practice!"

 - Amanda Jensen

"You deliver your counsel and treatment with kindness and great care. You are passionate about what you do and clearly have a calling to your profession.  I rarely make referrals because I am conscientious and cautious, so it is only with the utmost earned trust that I do so.  It is my delight to support what you do so well, and share your gift for healing with my friends and acquaintances who I think you may be able to help.  Your fine character is a rarity in our society and you deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated."

- Patricia

“I had chronic tendonitis in both elbows for 2 years. My goal was to relieve pain and be able to carry things and exercise. My elbows improved by 90% through a course of treatment with Viveka. Viveka is a very carrying person. I’m so happy that I had a chance to meet with her. I’ve been under the care of two orthopedic doctors, and Viveka was my answer.”

– Leticia

“I experience 100% improvement in 1-2 visits to Viveka. Between the acupuncture and massage, the treatments were very successful. In my line of work I am constantly stressing my lower back. When my pain gets really bad, Viveka’s treatments really do the trick!”

– John Stabile

“I felt a level of competence that was very comforting. I came to Viveka for the treatment of hip pain. The results after only one treatment were spectacular. A sense of balance plus a lack of tightness and pain were achieved due to Viveka’s acupuncture therapy. I would enthusiastically recommend her for a variety of health issues.”

– Gale Gerhardt

“I love the courtyard, the receiving room, and the treatment room, all very serene and healing. I experience fatigue due to chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic prolapse. Viveka’s professional manner and amazing knowledge provide comfort and hope.”

– Laura Larsen

"Over the past few years my health condition has been deteriorating. Last year my cholesterol was higher than my doctor was comfortable with, and she was ready to prescribe a statin drug for me.  My bone mass was in the osteopenia range, approaching osteoporosis. I’d been taking Fosamax for over 7 years but even so my bone mass was continually worsening, even with the drug.  I’ve also been taking thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid gland. And, for almost ten years, I've experienced frequent attacks of a painful and "twisting" gut. The medical doctors thought it was caused by a diseased gall bladder, which was removed, but this didn't reduce the attacks. To cope with these troubles I decided to try acupuncture treatments, and 5 months ago I connected with Viveka Rucker. She provided excellent acupuncture and I also began drinking the Chinese herbal tea she tailor-made for my problems.  I am so pleased that my recent lab results showed a marked reduction in total cholesterol and LDL levels and I was just given permission by my doctor to quit taking the Fosamax because my bone mass has actually increased; it's the best it's been in 7 years.  Also my gut attacks are now very rare and are mild, lasting less than a day whereas before I would be laid up a week or more at a time. I'm a happy client!

- M. Birdsall

"Several years ago I injured my knee and had the meniscus repaired, but last year I hurt it again and my orthopedists said it was time for a new knee. Cortisone kept me going but it was a bit scary to take. During the same time period my shoulder became very painful and I had regular problems with my urinary track. With all this weighing me down I elected to try acupuncture as an alternative method of treatment. I began my acupuncture treatments with Viveka Rucker 5 months ago and have been blessed with remarkable improvements. My shoulder is perfect, and best of all, my knee is greatly repaired, permitting me to walk, hike, and ride my beloved bike. The acupuncture treatments were not painful and allowed me to nap, leaving me feeling great afterwards. The customized Chinese herbal teas Viveka provided became a healing addition to my diet, and my overall health (including urination which was previously bothersome) has vastly improved. And another special treat has been our free weekly Qi Gong with Viveka in the local's great! All I can say is “Thank you for fixing me!”

- J. Birdsall

My family has a history of high blood pressure but I was still surprised when at 45 years old, my doctor said that my blood pressure was getting too high.  My doctor initially prescribed a mild “water pill”, which did nothing so it was on to prescription #2, a stronger “water pill”.  When that too failed to see any results, I was concerned that the path was simply going to continue with stronger and stronger medications to do the job.  Being an active 45 year old mother, I did not want to start prescriptions that I would have to continue for the rest of my life so I wanted to look into some alternative options. I came to The Healing Compass Acupuncture Wellness Clinic to see Linda Read-Shelby, L.Ac. Linda immediately welcomed me in to her practice and we talked about my blood pressure and the family history that I had which lead me to seek alternative treatments.  The treatments began and I was immediately impressed with how relaxing the experience was.  In my busy life as a wife, mother of 3, working mom and volunteer, I found my visits provided a much needed “break” from the busy life I lead.  Fortunately, in addition to providing a relaxing experience, my blood pressure began to go down.  After 6 months, there were clear results and after a year, my blood pressure has returned to a normal level and both my doctor and I are thrilled!

- Katrina W

I LOVE the  Healing Compass Center and I LOVE Viveka-  Thank you god for bringing Viveka and the Healing Compass into my life!! I am not sure where to start.  I have soooo much in my head and heart to share.  I have been seeing Viveka I think close to three months now.  On my first visit, I walked into the healing compass feeling depressed, unenthusiastic and I felt like my life and spirit had been sucked out of me.  Prior to scheduling my first appointment, I spent A LOT of time researching naturopathic/ wellness centers because last year I chose a functional doctor in which became a very costly mistake; so this time, I did my due diligence in finding a new healthcare provider.  From the minute I visited the Healing Compass website it spoke to me, and from my first conversation with Linda (Viveka's partner) and the generosity of Linda's time, I felt like the Healing Compass was the right choice for me. There is sooooo much to boast about Viveka.  She allows me to be a human being, and she was quick to learn that I am a perfectionist.  She reminds me that I don't need to be perfect.  It is about balance; it is about the choices we make, and understanding what is behind some of the choices we make in our life.  Viveka immediately understood my personality, and how to work with my type of personality, so I would be successful on my journey to wellness.  She is an AWESOME cheerleader and has been very respectful of my budget.  Viveka listens to me and my symptoms.  She is so giving of herself and generous of her time.  I am still a work in progress, but Viveka and I are a team, and as a result of our work together I am happy to report that the happy go lucky Staci came back to life.  I have more energy and it feels awesome. P.S.- I was VERY hesitant at first in choosing an acupuncturist as my healthcare provider.  This wasn't the avenue I was searching for.  Prior to Viveka, I had tried acupuncture only twice in my life ,and I did not have a good experience either time, which left a bad taste in my mouth about acupuncture.  I am soooo happy I kept an open mind because I am now a BIG BELIEVER IN ACUPUNCTURE.  I am so happy my friend Sheri told me how much Viveka helped her with her health issues, I am sooo happy that the Healing Compass website spoke out to me, and I am soooo happy I picked up the phone and called and started my wellness journey with the Healing Compass. 

-  Staci

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