Safe and  Effective  Chinese  Herbal   Medicine

                                             Thousands of Years of Herbal Medical History
Chinese herbs have been studied and in use for thousands of years in Asian countries. Hospitals in China use herbal therapy effectively alongside Western  medicine.  Now that their pharmacology and very low incidence of unwanted effects are more understood, Chinese herbs have gained more widespread acceptance as an more natural effective therapy here in the USA.


Acupuncturists here at the Center are trained and certified providers of Chinese herbal medicine and are proud to use only herbs from highly reputable sources whose testing for heavy metals, pesticides or other contaminants meets or exceeds U.S. FDA requirements.


                                                        Personalized Herbal Formula
A safe and high quality Chinese herbal formula may be recommended as a part of your personalized program. Before we prescribe a formula we thoroughly review your medications, supplements and coordinate care with your medical Doctor when needed. We have found that by working with your other health care providers many patients have reduced or eliminated their dependence on pharmaceutical medications.


                                                          Chinese Herbs Are Medicine
Chinese herbs are medicine, but they are whole plants, mineral, or animal products, not pharmaceutical medicines. Therefore, their actions may be profound, but are usually not drastic. Changes occur more gradually than with pharmaceuticals. The benefit of this gradual change is the action of "healing" a condition instead of suppressing a system or body function.  Using natural medicine is transformative and possibly can strengthen the organs and systems to work at an optimal level.


Chinese herbal therapy is very well tolerated by most people. Multiple herbs are typically used to make a formula. Formulations prescribed this way provide a synergistic effect while offsetting any unwanted side effects.

                                                      Adjusting To Your Changing Needs
Your personalized herbal formula is adjusted as your condition changes. This in keeping with the Chinese medicine philosophy that treatment should evolve as the patient's condition evolves.


Our formulas are usually given in the form of herbal granules that are mixed with water to make a tea, or in easy to take capsules.