Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Renewal

Healthy Beauty

Naturally renew and refine your complexion, minimize or eliminate lines and sagging,  treat skin and neuromuscular facial conditions,  prevent new signs of age from settling in.


These treatments utilize minimally invasive acupuncture and the beauty secrets of Chinese herbal skin care to rejuvenate  the skin and address the root causes of over-aging.  Sessions are deeply relaxing and restorative for the body, mind and spirit.  Your peers will wonder how you continue to look younger over time without appearing  un-natural.  Personalized skin nutrition, diet and lifestyle strategies may be recommended.


No drugs, no peels, no injections, no surgery, and no down time.  


* Results! See Before & After Photos Below

Before & After Photos​


(All before & after photos were taken by Viveka at the Center under existing treatment room lights.

No photo has been retouched, enhanced or specially lighted.)






































































































​​Before Series

​​After Series

Tip: A series of 10-20 treatments before your next birthday, reunion, wedding, shower, presentation or event, can help you look your best for all those photos!

Viveka giving a facial acupuncture treatment to celebrity photographer,

Alan Weissman



Lessening of deeper lines, subtle lift

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Hair thin, sterilized needles placed shallowly in the face and elsewhere in the body at specific acupuncture points stimulate the dermis layer, promoting healthier skin cell function, improved circulation, and increased collagen and elastin production. Acupuncture improves organ function and immunity, promoting beauty and vitality from the inside out, and providing an overall effect that goes beyond facial surface treatments. Over time signs of aging are reduced or reversed, further signs of aging are slowed and prevented from settling in, while overall health improves. With maintenance treatments, your skin continues to improve and you can appear not to age as fast as those who do not receive treatment. Regular treatment can have significant health benefits.


What To Expect: 

Needle insertion sensation is brief and minimal. Any discomfort during treatment is unlikely, though you may feel a lot of energy in the face due to its rejuvenating action. Acupuncture is cumulative. An initial series of twice weekly or weekly treatments allows each treatment to build upon the effects of the prior treatment. Results may be apparent right away, with more change usually becoming most noticeable after the  5th-7th treatment when increased collagen and elastin has been produced. Improvements accumulate as your series continues. 


Frequency of Treatment:

An initial series of 10 - 20 twice weekly or weekly treatments is recommended to jump start results.

* 1-2 sessions per week for 10-20 weeks to maximally smooth, lift, and tone.

* 1 treatment every 2 -3 weeks to maintain and reinforce prior results

*1 treatment per month to refresh the complexion and prior results.


Ideal frequency of treatment depends on age, health, existing skin condition and individual goals. A personalized recommendation will be made after your initial consultation. Those over age 40, smokers, drinkers,  and those with digestive and/or hydration issues, active skin problems or exposed to excess pollution generally need more frequent treatment than others. Frequency of treatment can be increased or decreased as  needed to enhance and maintain results. 


Age 20 - 35 - prevent signs of aging and maintain results.
Age 35-50 - treat & minimize signs of aging, prevent new signs
of aging, and maintain results
Age 50 and up - treat & minimize signs of aging, prevent deepening of lines and sagging, and maintain results.
Bells Palsy, Ptosis - begin treatment at the first signs.
Trigeminal Neuralgia - start now to treat & improve while preventing flare-ups.


Healthy, Non-Toxic Skin Care:

From my years as a practicing herbalist I have selected Jadience as the primary skin care line to use in conjunction with my cosmetic treatments. Jadience uses properly formulated fresh Chinese herbal extracts to increase absorbability and treat the skin. They are combined with jade powder, which conducts far-infrared rays that penetrate the surface to enhance skin healing.  Jade is known for its healing and beautifying properties. Jadience uses all natural ingredients to enhance beauty and healthy skin and receives high marks from Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" rating system for cosmetic and skin care product safety.


Getting Started:


(Initial consultation required for all new patients prior to acupuncture treatment $49-$69.) 
A 10 min. phone consult for Q & A is free.


Cosmetic Acupuncture Renewal - $159 Series of 10 = $1,490 saves $100

(series must be used within 4 months) 120 minutes -  includes exfoliating scrub followed by acupuncture facial treatment in our private room setting, all natural toner, serum, eye and facial moisturizers, facial acupressure plus deeply relaxing neck, shoulder, arm, hand, leg & foot massage. 


* Rates subject to change without notice
*Products & Add-ons sold separately



Add On:

Add 10 minutes of facial microcurrent for additional $19 - schedule in advance


Skin enhancing personalized nutritional consult 15-45 minutes, $49 to $99

Find out what nutrients your skin needs more of to enhance beauty and health. While there are general nutritional protocols to support skin health, a personalized assessment allows us to address your unique health profile and underlying reasons for complexion issues, bruising, free radical damage, and more.


* Products sold separately.


​​Before Series

​​After Series

​​Before Series

​​After Series

Reduction of forehead lines & dark circles

Improved complexion & reduction of rosacea

​​Before Series

​​After Series

Softening of deeper upper lip lines

​​Before Series

​​After Series

Dr. Viveka S. Rucker, D.A.C.M., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., A.C.N., 
is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, state of California and nationally licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and applied clinical nutritionist. As a Natural Functional Health Practitioner, she utilizes Chinese medicine plus functional nutrition blood lab review, and diet & lifestyle guidance to provide truly holistic health care. 


Since beginning her practice in 2003, Cosemetic Acupuncture has been a specialty and a passion. Viveka has trained extensively in several styles and modalities of cosmetic acupuncture & eastern medicine facial treatments including Mei Zen, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal, Facial Microcurrent, Facial Acupressure, and others. She specializes in skin health & renewal, dermatology, and the treatment of neuro-muscular facial conditions such as Bells Palsy, ptosis and trigeminal neuralgia.