Dietary  Therapy

Your body becomes as vital and healthy as what you feed it

Your diet and how well you assimilate nutrients are key to producing the healthy energy, blood, and circulation needed to heal short or long term health problems. Chinese medicine works to restore balance to the body, increasing circulation and directing the immune system to areas that need regenerating or healing. However, without healthy blood to nourish the tissues, or symptoms from dietary imbalance burdening and impeding proper organ functions, your body lacks the proper balance needed for the restorative job of healing.


This is part of why acupuncture used alone as a single modality often falls short of expectations. The body can only do the healing it has the resources and energy to do, and acupuncture cannot fully compensate for the way we aggravate the illness or injury with our lifestyle.


Chinese medicine as a holistic system includes appropriate dietary strategies as a main component to give your body the energy and balance it needs to heal and thrive.

We offer personalized nutritional evaluation and dietary strategies to ensure not only high quality food and nutrients, but the particular foods, proportions and arrangement of foods in the diet that optimize healing of your particular condition.

We believe in you and your ability to choose healthy change the more you value yourself and the quality of life the body you will go through life in can give you. We are committed to partnering with you to create the conditions that amplify health and vitality. When you initiate healthy changes, even small ones, you naturally begin to feel better. In turn, as you experience the resulting increase in vitality and well being, making healthy choices comes naturally.