Traditional Chinese Medicine & Functional Healthcare

Healing Compass Natural Health Center is the place for you, if you are seeking natural, safe, evidence-based, cost effective services for your healthcare needs. We combine our treatments with the personalized care and attention that many find missing from the conventional healthcare system.


Our Center offers Chinese medicine and Functional nutrition which can be used as standalone healthcare or combined with conventional medical care. Our services integrate into the emerging field of Functional medicine. Meaning, that along with Chinese medicine, we use nutrition, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to treat and prevent disease, and help you thrive in today’s fast paced world.


Functional medicine addresses the body as a whole integrated system and looks at how things are “working together,” then asks the question, “Where do we need to make necessary changes for the body to work better?"  Conventional medicine looks at the body as separate systems to be treated.


We help you by looking for and finding the answers to why things are not running right, then use our tools to excite a healing response rather than just a symptom treatment. Most conditions and diseases we are seeing today have underlying causes (see image below). Optimal health comes from close, continuous patient-provider collaboration and understanding how and why problems develop.

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We work with you to discover the root cause and treat it so that your body has what it needs to recover. Many people have not experienced this level of personal care for themselves and their health since we are accustomed to the standard-of-care model in a conventional medical system where the time given to you is under 10 minutes.


One way we see how things are working is through blood chemistry analysis. Blood work and advanced medical testing can catch issues before they become a problem.  There are two main types of ranges in the field of blood chemistry analysis: a pathological range, and a functional range. The pathological range is used to diagnose disease, while the functional range is used to assess “pre” disease or risk for disease before it develops. That is why there are a few key labs that may be suggested when you work with us. Labs taken yearly by your healthcare doctor may look “normal,” even when you do not feel normal or have physical, mental or emotional complaints. Conventional medicine works in the area of disease and prescription medications assigned to those diseases, so until you have one, you are considered normal.

The practitioners at the Healing Compass Natural Health Center are trained and licensed in Chinese medicine including herbs and acupuncture. They are also certified clinical nutritionists using functional nutrition and individualized eating plans for your health and wellness needs. The quality and quantity of time spent with you in a Functional wellness visit allows the time to identify root causes, while also treating your condition with the physical treatments of acupuncture, tuina and massage which provide symptomatic relief while the body is making the necessary long-lasting changes necessary for healing. We are committed to a relationship which supports you in maintaining your health at different stages of life and as conditions arise.


“Medicine practiced functionally gives the practitioner and the patient time to form a relationship based on your personal story and how you got to your current state of health”


Today over 80% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Lifestyle is the single greatest contributor to maintaining on-going health which leads to optimal feelings of wellbeing and aging well. Anti-aging does not exist. It is a brilliant marketing idea to sell products to vulnerable baby boomers who are feeling the effects of their age. It is our society’s excessive devotion to keeping our youth that sells billions of products and services annually.


Growing Young Does Not Exist But Thriving as We Age is Realistic

We have been told that “aging” is the problem and reason for ill health. Don’t believe it. Many cultures have not adopted that mantra and live a life of good health thriving from year to year.


The World Health Organization (WHO), whose authority concerning health-related matters is recognized internationally, has compiled a list of symptoms, syndromes, disease processes, pathologies, traumas and conditions that have definitely been proven to be effectively treated by acupuncture. While it is an extensive list it does not include updated health conditions and issues for which acupuncture, and Chinese medicine have been used as a medical modality. Our practitioners bring 15 years of clinical experience to general healthcare including pain issues and internal medicine, fertility and acute conditions like colds, flu, skin and neurological facial conditions. These are all areas where this type of medicine has value. Many conditions which conventional medicine is unable to treat find improvement with this type of care.


When you call our center looking for acupuncture, we include that as a service within the scope of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is the most well-known, but is only one part of your health plan. We hope after reading this you will now have a good idea of the importance of the synergy of what we can provide for you.


Your first visit includes a consultation and assessment to discuss your health concerns, so we can determine if we are the right fit for you. We will never take on a patient or condition in which we could not provide the highest quality care. We discuss and determine which treatments and plans will be right for you, so you can make an informed decision about your health situation going forward.  During this first visit an acupuncture treatment can be included. 


Your appointment is with a licensed Chinese medicine professional and certified clinical nutritionist who is trained in the functional approach to medical care. They will offer guidance and support so that you are well informed, successful and satisfied.