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Summer Seasonal Wisdom

Hello friends! Today, June 21,2022, is officially Summer Solstice, and as you've noticed we've already been cooking for a while.

You may be feeling more active, going to bed later and waking up earlier as the increased number of daylight hours informs our circadian rhythms. Summer is a time when we can feel exuberant but not overstimulated or taxed, happy, relaxed and comfortable. But, many of us are needing to bring in more of the cooling and smoothing energy of Water and Wood.

If our internal Fire is not balanced by the right amount of water and coolness or not properly regulated by a calm frame of mind and movement, i.e. a smooth flow of Qi & Blood, summer is a time when we might feel more hot and dry, possibly wake up more at night, experience redness or swelling, palpitations, memory challenges or mental irritability, talking excessively, or conversely, lack of enthusiasm.

Of course, all the elements and organ systems are in dynamic interplay at all times, and we address them in whatever state we find them. The Chinese medicine theory of seasons and their related elements gives us a lens through which to offer information, tips and recommendations for managing their related systems. That is what we will be focusing on throughout the seasons this year.

As we consistently implement tools that holistically support the function of these areas, our body, mind and spirit can come into a healthier more harmonious balance that allows us to thrive.

Thanks for staying in touch, liking our posts, and supporting us in promoting a healthy, happy community! We are here for more personalized help if you would like

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