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Relief Care

Corrective Care

Maintenance, Wellness & Preventative Care

In this phase there are obvious signs & symptoms. Visits are more frequent to promote quicker recovery. Each visit builds on previous visits paving the way towards elminating your initial problems and complaints. Includes treatment of pain, discomfort, slow healing from surgery, symptoms associated with medical treatments, seasonal cold & flu.


Acupuncture sessions are enhanced with problem focused supportive nutrients and/or herbal medicine.

Signs and symptoms are reduced and acupuncture treatments are less frequent. Supplemental nutrients 
and herbal medicine have begun to effect change. This phase maintains and supports the changes you have achieved and begins to holistically address the underlying problems to promote deeper, longer lasting, and more complete healing. This is the heart of eastern and functional medicine care. 

This phase of care preserves all the progress you have made.

You feel empowered and have 
experienced great results. The same way you tune up your car to keep it running smoothly, these treatments further strengthen your body’s resistance, keeping you healthy, balanced, and potentially free from illness.


Most importantly, your ongoing relationship with your practitioner provides 
personalized care that takes your well-being into consideration every step of the way. 


We do not accept insurance but will be happy to provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company.

We know that the main reason you seek out care is to get better.

The truth is that while insurance may offer some coverage for acupuncture,

it does not cover most of the services that may be required for you to heal and be well.  

We all pay premiums and want to use our insurance,

yet, insurance companies dictating what kind of care you can receive is part of the disease care system,

not what it takes to engender the healthy function you want to have.  

Our intention is to minimize your out of pocket costs without compromising the care you receive.


This  allows us to give you the time, attention and treatments you actually need,

rather than schedule more patients per hour and spend less time per patient performing one covered modality,

as the insurance companies would otherwise dictate.