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Standard Process & Medi-Herb don't run regular ads on T.V. and only sell through licensed health professionals, so you wouldn't necessarily know about them or why they are the absolute best for your health. Take a look here and see why we, as Natural Healthcare Practitioners, rely on these high quality, natural, organic whole food tools to support optimal health and disease prevention for a higher quality, healthier life as we age.


Redefining Quality 6:07

Standard Process

Changing Lives 1:21

Healing Compass & Qi Center Response To Media Coverage On Vitamin Supplements - Dec. 2013

Video: Acupuncture Helps Soothe Pain

Kim Kardashian tweeted her picture while she was having an acupuncture facial saying she was "Oh just relaxing..."

Video: Fergie uses Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to get

through pregnancy


Great 15 min. video by our friend and colleague,

         Dr. Marlene Merritt, D.O.M., L.Ac., A.C.N., M.N.

  The Difference Between Vitamins

 including how to actually read and interpret a vitamin label

A series of videos from ABC News about
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ever since Jennifer Aniston stepped on the red carpet at the Call Me Crazy premiere this week, the buzz has been more about the strange marks on her back than the Lifetime movie itself. But, unlike when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared with similar markings back in 2004, we now know the spots are signs of cupping, a holistic technique practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine.