Whole  Food  Nutrition

Are you the person who is looking for lots of energy, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, and relief from symptoms?


Do you want to improve your health?


Then supplementing your daily nutrition is a necessity not an option. Our bodies need nutrients to perform properly.

Stress, improper diet, aging and environmental toxins deplete the minerals and nutrients your body needs to heal and function.


Have you tried many forms of treatment with less than satisfactory results?


Have you been taking vitamins and don’t know if they are working or not?


Through our years of practice and study of applied clinical nutrition we have discovered that when we combine whole food nutrition with acupuncture and herbs our patients get better, faster results.  


As practitioners of holistic medicine, we encourage healing and treat specific conditions by providing food supplements,(not isolated and incomplete vitamins like 99% of supplements on the market). Working with whole food supplements gives the body all the cofactors and enzymes for absorption that allows healing to occur. This is different than the typical nutritionist who gives synthetic Vitamin A. For example - there are 200 different compounds in carrots, which work synergistically with the vitamin A in a carrot, versus removing it and synthesizing it in a lab, and hoping that it will work in the same manner.

We believe that providing our bodies with whole nutrient complexes/”food vitamins” (the way nature intended you to receive it) makes more sense than to try to isolate and simulate nutrients in a lab.


How about getting your daily nutrients from food grown on an organic farm in Wisconsin? It’s like getting a box of fresh vegetables at your doorstep every morning!











It does not get better than receiving them from a farm that has been manufacturing their products in the same rich, organically managed soil right on site since 1929.  Standard Process, Inc. has direct accountability for the nutrients they are providing to the practitioners they work with.

We have personally visited the Standard Process farm and the plant, and know exactly how the products we give our patients are grown and manufactured from seed to supplement. Due to the therapeutic effect of these products they are only sold through physicians who are trained to properly assess your nutritional needs. Through the years we have continually received Applied Clinical Nutrition training and are certified in order to  give you the proper guidance in the face of daily changes in science showing how nutrients affect our bodies.



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Our just picked spanish black radishes during our tour of the Standard Process farm and plant in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

We improve your quality of life by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality dietary supplements. "From seed to supplement,” we adhere to rigorous testing and good manufacturing practices.

Real People Making Real Changes in Just 21 Days!

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         Dr. Marlene Merritt, D.O.M., L.Ac., A.C.N., M.N.

                               to learn about

                 The Difference Between Vitamins

 including how to actually read and interpret a vitamin label