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Cardiovascular Health - Preventing Vascular Disease

Hi Friends, Wow, It's a hot one out there today -- 100 degrees in the shade at my house! As we continue our journey through summer and our functional health focus on systems governed by the Chinese Medicine "Fire Element," we are exploring the many components of cardiovascular health. In our previous posts we discussed foods that support microcirculation through the small vessels and capillaries, as well as ways to stabilize blood vessel linings to prevent easy bruising. Today we take a look at some of the common underlying causes of vascular disease, and some steps you can take to help prevent it. Obviously, each person's vascular health is part of their unique health history and circumstances. While we offer general recommendations on a platform like this to support you in continuing or taking ownership of your best health, we know there is no substitute for a personalized approach. Call us if you would like more assistance at 818-591-8600. Warmly, Dr. Viveka

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