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Do You Bruise Easily?

In our last post we talked about some foods that can help improve vascular integrity and circulation through the tiny capillaries and blood vessels. In this post we are addressing a very common health concern: easy bruising.

While we always want to address the root cause in functional medicine, Cyruta Plus is one product that I (Dr. Viveka) use all the time to help patients prevent and/or resolve easy bruising.

As an acupuncturist and a cosmetic acupuncture specialist, you can imagine that easy bruising is one of the concerns my patients often have. A bruise can take 2 weeks or longer to heal and nobody wants one!

Each person's susceptibility for easy bruising can have a different root cause and that is what we focus on in functional medicine. Having said that (twice), I can honestly say that when used as part of a personalized protocol at the correct dosage for that person, my patients typically see improvement within 1-3 months, and continue using the product for ongoing support.

We have many nutritional and herbal medicine products which support the blood vessels and cardiovascular health depending on the particular issues involved.

In future posts we'll talk about what causes irritation and inflammation in the vessels in the first place as well as how to support the heart muscle and valves themselves.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like personalized consultation in this or other areas. We are here to help in ways are supportive and do not conflict with your western care or medications. (818) 591-8600.

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