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Microcirculation - Keeping the Capillaries and Small Vessels Healthy - Part 1

Hello friends,

Today, as part of our summer-fire element functional health focus, we are talking about microcirculation. Microcirculation refers to all those tiny blood vessels and capillaries that are the connecting links between your arteries and veins, and deliver blood, nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body like the organs, tendons, ligaments, bone marrow and they even form the blood brain barrier. Kind of important!

Capillaries and small vessels (microcirculatory vessels) work in different ways to support organs and system functioning. They are able to perform those functions optimally with the molecular nutritional material they need to feed them. What we consume provides the nutrition that feeds the vessels so they can perform these functions. How cool is that?

Hope these tips are helpful and we will also provide recommendations for some supportive supplements in the next posts.

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